1. Around and Between your Eyes.

Afraid it will burn? Elta MD Sunscreen is guaranteed to not burn or sting if it gets in your eyes. Twenty percent of skin cancers on the face develop on the eyelids.

2. Lips.

Use a waxy lip palm with SPF 30 and apply it often. Even when you do protect your lips with lotion, licking, wiping, and blotting can remove it. We like Jane Iredale’s Lip Drink.

3. Legs.

Women often skip their legs. Be sure to apply sunscreen to the fronts and backs of legs and run into your knees when they are bent. If you are wearing sandals, don’t forget the tops of your feet.

4. Ears.

Don’t forget the tops of your ears, especially in men and to run in thoroughly when using a spray sunscreen. We like Elta MD New Spray 46 Sunscreen.

5. Hands.

Nothing ages a person like brown age spots on the top of hands. Don’t forget to put sunscreen on your hands daily. We like Elta MD Lotion with SPF 30.