Meta-Analysis Attributes 5.4% Of Melanoma Cases To Tanning Bed Use.

HealthDay (7/25, Reinberg) reports, “Those who bronze themselves in tanning beds face a 20 percent increased risk of skin cancer, and that raised risk reaches 87 percent if they start before they are 35 years old,” according to a meta-analysis published online July 24 in the BMJ. In addition, the study “estimates that one in every 20 cases (5.4 percent) of the most lethal form of skin cancer, melanoma, can be attributed to tanning bed use.”

In other words, 1 in 20 melanomas are due to tanning in a tanning bed. It is possible to have a safe tan! Use sunscreen with a UVA and UVB protection, our use sunless tanning lotions. Make sure that you are always wearing sunscreen when you are outside.