A recent article from the AAD says, “Sunscreen lotions with a sun protection factor (SPF) value of 70 or above provide better protection than those with an SPF of 30 or 50, even when under-applied,” according to a study published online April 1 in the Journal of the American Academy of Dermatology.

It’s interesting that even when a sunscreen with an SPF of 70 was under applied, it still had better results than properly using a sunscreen with a lesser SPF. Keep that in mind when you are out and about this season! We want you to remain protected and educated about sun protection! Here is information about Elta MD UV Sport SPF 50- it’s one of our most popular sunscreens:

  • Broad-Spectrum UVA/UVB Sun Protection
  • SPF 50 with 9% Zinc Oxide
  • Won’t rinse off in water or drip into eyes and sting when you sweat
  • May be applied to wet or dry skin
  • Great for swimmers, runners, golfers, skiers and all outdoor activities
  • Safe for use with children
  • Very Water Resistant
  • Noncomedogenic, paraben-free, sensitivity-free, fragrance-free